Miss LisaLee - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Morgan Hellman - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar,  
JK Anderson - Doghouse Bass, Accordion, Mandolin

Some facts...

Trailerpark Idlers are from Norrkoping/Soderkoping, Sweden, Europe.

Trailerpark Idlers was formed in 2006 by Morgan Hellman, JK Anderson, Magnus Larsson & Gunnar Nilsson. Magnus and Gunnar are since long gone. Ben Dee joined in 2007 and Miss LisaLee in 2008.

Trailerpark Idlers has released thirteen albums.

The influences...

Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Gillian Welch, Bob Wills, Ramones, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Jimmie Rodgers, Rolling Stones, Ernest Tubb etc. etc.


2007 - The Six Song EP
2007 - A Moment Of Delirium & Despair
2007 - The Jim Beam Shuffle
2008 - Love Among The Haystacks
2008 - Unhappy Hour At Joey's Bar
2009 - The Power Of The Lord Will Set Us Free, And We Will Be...
2010 - Well, That's Life... Or It Was.
2010 - Death, Jail Or Hillbilly Music
2010 - In Praise Of Idleness
2011 - The Rumble & The Roar
2013 - Meanwhile In Dogpatch
2014 - Fifty Gallons of Lightning
2016 - Alligator Days



Top left: Ben Dee 
Top right: JK Anderson 
Bottom left: Miss LisaLee
Bottom right: Morgan Hellman